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What does Alchemy mean for YOU?

Media Alchemy offers a custom blend of soulful marketing magic for each valued client...

Alchemy is the ancient magic of transforming base metal into gold...we apply this same deep wisdom to the process of crafting compelling custom stategic plans and helping build buzz for entrepreneurs, performers, events and social change campaigns. Media Alchemy is a full service publicity, marketing and advertising agency, but with a unique twist, as Nancy Schoenheide Phares is also an MBI Wayfinder Life Coach...helping clients remain heart centered and tuned into their highest good, while navigating their life path. What does your most joyful life look and feel like? This is where we begin...

Performers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Authors...

For more than three decades, Nancy has been developing core messaging as well as advertising and marketing plans for a wide spectrum of business entities, performers, events... and community projects focused on serving the Greater Good...as a career reinvention specialist, her unique ability lies in helping you identify any incongruity between the destination you wish to take your project, and where your current marketing says you are clearly headed...consulting sessions are available in person, and remotely via phone, Skype or Zoom. 

Events, Media, Marketing and more...

Nancy is a lifelong Wayfinder and career reinvention expert, who has worked happily in a variety of industries, and established a broad network of friends and relationships in media, music and entertainment across North America. Media Alchemy can help formulate effective communication solutions for any size project. We are also great at making new friends, with a shared purpose, so if we don't know anyone in your geographic area, no worries! We shall soon find new collaborators...

The Magic of Media Alchemy

Press Releases and Publicity


Let us help to identify your unique message, craft a compelling story..and then, reach out on your behalf for radio, television and print interviews, demonstrations or performances.  Many years of PR experience help us identify where the best opportunities may be, and which journalists and media outlets may be most open to sharing your story...

Social Media Management

We have built vital social media pages for the Michigan State Fair, LLC and Novi Pet Expo, plus more

Is your brand in need of a warm, mature, friendly yet professional...highly responsive social media voice? One that also offers keen understanding of how to create engaging social ad campaigns? We have deep experience distilling complex messages into simple and engaging content, as well as how to turn initial resistance into brand growth and forward momentum...

Media Planning


We have decades of experience planning and negotiating highly effective traditional media campaigns for radio, television, web, outdoor and print, with special emphasis and understanding of value added promotion elements. We also offer content development and placement for both digital and social ad campaigns.

Mentoring and Coaching


Nancy is a seasoned Coach/Mentor with years of experience developing key objectives, and providing strategic direction and counseling for executives, bands, solo artists, entrepreneurs, authors and more...let's chat to see if we are a good fit for one another? Let the Magic begin...visit www.RockSteady.biz for more about Nancy's coaching programs.

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Copywriting and Content Development


We work closely with you to develop concise, polished and professional written content, that holds a true reflection of your brand's strengths and company values. Then, we help translate it into web and social content, brochures and blogs, TV and radio scripts, email marketing, print ads and beyond... We create effective marketing and communications messaging for publications of every length, topic and discipline. 

Retreats and Talent Workshops


New! Unplugging from your current routine, and identifying limiting beliefs you and your group may be operating under can be a liberating experience! We will tune in to where your project is headed and create a retreat day that can help you gain clarity and develop a strategic plan for action!

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